How much does my time cost?

My hourly rate is priced at £30.00 per hour.

Retained Hours Packages

10 Hours per month £300.00

20 Hours per month £600.00

30 hours per month £900.00

40 hours per month £1200.00

It can be difficult to determine how many hours you think you are going to need. If you feel like these packages do not work for you, or you have a specific project which requires assistance, please get in touch and we can discuss.

Retained hours of pay per hour?

The benefit of buying grouped hours is that my time is guaranteed for you. Retained hour packages are paid upfront before work commences.

Pay per hour is charged at a minimum of five hours to be paid upfront before work commences.

How do I calculate my time?

I use time tracking software to calculate my time. The time report is sent along with your invoice. If you are on a retained package and you are approaching the limit of your paid-for hours, I will let you know.

Can I carry over my hours to the next month?

Hours cannot be carried over to the next month. Any hours not used will be lost. For the first two weeks of working together, I suggest a pay as you go format. We can get to know one another and decide what would be best for you and your business. You can then move on to a retained package to guarantee hours.

Waters PA is not VAT registered. VAT is not charged at the prices quoted.